Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 24, 2016-2017

Monday, February 27
In Class: Chapter 14 Outline (see template below) Andrew Jackson Song
Homework: Ch 14 Outline & Quiz on Friday.

Tuesday, February 28
In Class: Andrew Jackson: A Man for the People video and questions.
Homework: Ch 14 outline due Friday, open note quiz.

Wednesday, March 1
In Class: Manifest Destiny, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark.
Homework: Ch 14 Outline--Friday; News Report & Political Cartoon--Thursday 3/3.

Thursday, March 2
In Class: Lewis & Clark video and questions.
Homework: Ch 14 Outline--tomorrow.

Friday, March 3
In Class: Quiz--Ch 14--Open note, Lewis and Clark/Sacajawea worksheet.
Homework: Crosswords due next Wed.


Chapter 14: Andrew Jackson and the Growth of American Democracy

I.               14.1 Introduction: What is the main idea of the chapter?

II.  14.2 The Inauguration of Andrew Jackson  (Write at least 2 important things from this section).
      Ÿ  Ÿ
III.           14.3 From the Frontier to the White House
A.     The Frontier Lawyer
B.     The People’s Choice
IV.            14.4 Jackson’s Approach to Governing
A.     The Kitchen Cabinet
B.     The Spoils SystemŸ

V.              14.5 The Nullification Crisis
(Write at least 2 important things from this section)

VI.            14.6 Jackson Battle the Bank of the United States
(Write at least 2 important things from this section)
VII.          14.7 Jackson’s Indian Policy
A.     The Indian Removal Act
B.     The Trail of TearsŸ
VIII.        Chapter Summary
Ÿ Summarize the chapter

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 23, 2016-2017

Monday, February 13
Chapter 12 Intro—How to do an Outline
Outline Assignment Chapter 12--Due Friday

Tuesday, February 14
Presidents—Adams, Monroe, War of 1812

Wednesday, February 15
Video--First Invasion—War of 1812

Thursday, February 16
Video First Invasion—War of 1812

Friday, February 17
Quiz-Chapter 11&12 Can use Ch 11 ISN and Ch 12 Outline