Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week 4, 2016-2017

Monday/Tuesday, September 12-13
In Class: Review Physical Features & Quiz, Historical Figure Written Assignment Workday.
Homework: Final Draft Land & Water Maps should be taped in your Geography section of your notebook by Mon/Tues 9/19-9/20.

Wednesday, September 14
In Class: Historical Figure Written Assignment Workday
Homework: Historical Figure Written Assignment due Wed 9/21.

Thursday, September 15
In Class: Chapter 2 "European Exploration & Settlement"--chapter questions handout.
Homework: Finish Ch 2 questions.  Movie Permission form if you have not yet turned it in.

Friday, September 16
In Class: America Before Columbus--video & worksheet.
Homework: Maps checked Monday/Tuesday.

Each of you has been assigned a person who was an important part of US History. You will be assigned to this person all year.  Your assignment is to find out who your person was and why he/she was famous.

You may use the Internet, but check several sites.  Don’t copy or cut and paste.  Material must be in your own words.  I also strongly recommend using books, especially children’s books to get basic information on your person and to understand their importance.  The TL library and the Peninsula library system will have books on most historical figures.  Books are also available at Barnes and Noble in both the history section as well as some great books upstairs in the children’s area.  You can also search YouTube to find video information on your person.


1.  1-2 pages typed (double spaced),or 2 -3 pages handwritten.

2.  Standard margins and font.

3.  Final draft form (spelling and grammar count).  Use paragraphs, complete sentences and include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.

4.  You must write your report in the FIRST PERSON.  This means you will say, “I was…” rather than “He or she was…”

5.  Content must include:
A.  Childhood/Early life.  Basic background information on your
      historical figure such as birthplace, education, family members.

B.  Historical achievements.  Explain why your historical figure is  
important.  What did he/she accomplish? Explain how your historical figure ties into his/her time period. What was going on in our nation’s history?  What time period or event they were a part of?  DESCRIBE THE TIME PERIOD OR EVENT.

***C.  What impact did your historical figure have on U.S. History?  How would U.S. History be different today if your person never existed?  (Optional/Extra Credit) 

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