Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 30, 2017-2018

Monday, April 16
World of North & South: TCI Chapter 19

Tuesday, April 17
Ch 19 World of North and South

Wed April 18
Ch 19 World of North and South

Thurs April 19 (Anaheim--Music Festival)
Jeremiah Johnson

Friday, April 20 (Anaheim--Music Festival)
Jeremiah Johnson
CH 19 due Tuesday 4/24

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Week 29, 2017-2018

Monday, April 2
Ch 18--Outline--due Friday. You can use it on the quiz.

Tuesday, April 3
Ch 18 Outline Workday

Wed/Thurs April 4-5
Women’s Rights video

Friday, April 6
Women’s Rights video, Ch 18 Quiz (open notebook)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 28, 2017-2018

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Mon, March 26
Manifest Destiny Project Workday

Tues, March 27
Project Workday

Wed/Thurs March 28-29
Projects Due Friday

Friday, March 30
America--Story of Us--"Westward"

Exploring Manifest Destiny

Rather than a test for “Manifest Destiny” your unit grade will be based on a project.  The project is divided into two parts: an illustrated map, and a brief summary explaining this illustration.  You will have class time to work on this project.

You may work alone or with ONE other partner.  DO NOT ASK to make a larger group.  If you work with a partner, be sure both of your names are on the project that is turned in.

Information can be found in the textbook, on the class blog or online.  We have covered much of the material in class as well.

PART ONE:  The Illustrative Map
On a large paper or poster board, draw a large map of the United States.  THE MAP DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT.  Inside this map, show or symbolize how the following people and events played a part in Manifest Destiny:

            A) Jefferson & Louisiana Purchase                  F) The Trail of Tears/Buffalo Loss
            B) The Lewis and Clark Expedition                G) The Transcontinental Railroad
            C) Mountain Men                                            H) Texas Independence/Alamo
            D) The Oregon & California Trails                  I) The Forty-Niners/Gold Rush
            E) The Mormons and Missionaries                  J) The War with Mexico

Note:  If it is an event that had a route or trail, you should show this on your map. Routes must include important physical features of the United States.  For example, the route for the Lewis and Clark Expedition must include the Missouri River, Rocky Mountains, and Columbia River.

You should neatly title the map: “Manifest Destiny” and neatly color and decorate the map.

PART TWO: The Summary
On the back of your poster, attach a one-page summary explaining your drawings.  Describe what is going on in your poster.  For example: To symbolize the Lewis and Clark Expedition, we drew a picture of Sacagawea and her baby. We also traced their route from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean and back.  It shows all major stops like Fort Mandan and Fort Clatsop and physical features of the expedition such as the Missouri River, Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean.

Poster:  75 points.
Summary: 25 points
TOTAL=100 points.  Minimum requirements earn a “C” or 75 points Effort will determine “A’s” & “B’s.”

Due Date:                  .


Week 27, 2017-2018

Image result for american progress painting

Monday, March 19
California Trail, Donner Party

Tuesday, March 20
Donner Party video

Wed/Thurs March 21-22
Transcontinental Railroad Dark Side of Manifest Destiny, Trail of Tears, Buffalo Hunt

Fri, March 23
Reservation Life/Wounded Knee, Manifest Destiny Project Directions

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 26, 2017-2018

Monday, March 12
Ch 16 Activity Workday

Tuesday, March 13 Orchestra Out
Lewis & Clark Video, Sacagawea worksheet

Wed/Thurs March 14-15 (CCR FIELD TRIP 3RD & 5TH)
Oregon Trail Notes, Oregon Trail Game

Friday, March 16 Assembly Schedule
Ch 16 Presentations

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 25, 2017-2018

Monday, March 5
Read Texas 15.4, (THE ALAMO)

Tuesday, March 6

Wed/Thurs March 7 & 8
(THE ALAMO) Ch 15 Questions due.

Friday, March 9 END OF TRIMESTER
Ch 16 Activity/Assignment

Monday, February 26, 2018

Week 24, 2017-2018

Monday, February 26
In Class: Chapter 14 Outline Andrew Jackson Song
Homework: Ch 14 Outline & Quiz on Friday.

Tuesday, February 27
In Class: Andrew Jackson: A Man for the People video and questions.
Homework: Ch 14 outline due Friday, open note quiz.

Wednesday, Feb 28/ Thurs, March 1 (BLOCK)
In Class: Manifest Destiny-picture, Louisiana Purchase, Ch 15 ISN
Homework: Ch 14 Outline--Friday

Friday, March 2
In Class: Quiz--Ch 14--Open outline, Lewis and Clark video.
Homework: Ch 15 ISN due Mon 3/12.

 Outline Template for Ch 14

Chapter 14: Andrew Jackson and the Growth of American Democracy

I.               14.1 Introduction: What is the main idea of the chapter?

II.  14.2 The Inauguration of Andrew Jackson  (Write at least 2 important things from this section).
III.           14.3 From the Frontier to the White House
A.     The Frontier Lawyer
B.     The People’s Choice

IV.            14.4 Jackson’s Approach to Governing
A.     The Kitchen Cabinet
B.     The Spoils System

V.              14.5 The Nullification Crisis
(Write at least 2 important things from this section)

VI.            14.6 Jackson Battle the Bank of the United States
(Write at least 2 important things from this section)

VII.          14.7 Jackson’s Indian Policy
A.     The Indian Removal Act
B.     The Trail of Tears
VIII.        Chapter Summary
Ÿ Summarize the chapter in a paragraph