Monday, September 18, 2017

Week 5, 2017-2018

Monday, 9/18
In Class: Chapter 2 European Exploration and Settlement ISN Reading Notes.
Homework: None.

Tuesday, 9/19
In Class: Reading Further:  "The Real Columbus", Chapter 2 ISN Reading Note workday

Homework: Ch 2 ISN due Friday--you can use it on the Ch 2 quiz.

Wednesday/Thursday (BLOCK) 9/20-9/21
In Class: America Before Columbus--video & questions
Homework: Ch 2 ISN due Friday--you can use it on the Ch 2 quiz.

Friday, 9/22
In Class: Finish video and questions, Chapter 2 Quiz.
Homework: None.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 4, 2017-2018

Monday, 9/11
In Class: Remembering 9/11
Homework: 50 States and Geography Quiz is Wed/Thursday.

Tuesday, 9/12
In Class: Review Day—Geography/50 States
Homework:  Study for geography test/50 states
Wednesday/Thursday 9/13-9/14 (BLOCK)
In Class: Physical Features/50 States Test
Homework: None
Friday 9/15
In Class: Correct/Review Test, Chapter 2 Introduction
Homework: None

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 3, 2017-2018

Monday, 9/4

Tuesday, 9/5
In Class: Textbooks distributed, workday--Final Draft Maps, Rewrite answers in order to set up
Homework: Finish rewriting answers in order.  Final Draft MAPS DUE FRIDAY!!
Wednesday/Thursday 9/6-9/7 (BLOCK)
In Class: Notes on Physical Features
Homework: Final Draft MAPS DUE FRIDAY!!
Friday, 9/8
In Class: Notes on Physical Features, Final Draft Map due, Computer Cart 50 states practice
Homework: 50 States and Physical Features test next Wed/Thursday.  Study/Review.

Land & Water Features:

Appalachian Mountains                                                                           Gulf Coastal Plain
Atlantic Coastal Plain                                                                                 Gulf of Mexico
Atlantic Ocean                                                                                               Hudson River
Brooks Range                                                                                                 Mauna Loa
Cape Cod                                                                                                          Mississippi River
Cascade Range                                                                                              Missouri River
Central Valley                                                                                                Mount McKinley/Denali
Chesapeake Bay                                                                                           Mount Whitney
Coast Ranges                                                                                                  Ohio River
Colorado River                                                                                              Pacific Ocean
Columbia River                                                                                             Rio Grande
Great Basin                                                                                                      Rocky Mountains
Great Lakes                                                                                                      San Francisco Bay
Great Plains                                                                                                    Sierra Nevada
Great Salt Lake                                                                                               Saint Lawrence River

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 2, 2017-2018

Monday, August 28
In Class: Notebook Set up, Journal Instructions, 50 States Practice Quiz
Homework: Make sure you have finished your notebook set up.

Tuesday, August 29
In Class: Geography--Physical Features Questions

Wednesday/Thursday 8/29 & 8/30 (BLOCK)
In Class: Geography—Physical Features questions. Finish questions—Start final draft map

Friday 9/1
Final Draft Map
Rewrite questions in order—springboard and skip 3 lines in between for notes.

Table of Contents for Notebook
Journals pages 4-20
Geography pages 21-42
Explorers & Colonization pages 43-54
Slavery/Roots pages 55-64
Vocabulary 65-70
Revolutionary War 71-110
Miscellaneous/Returned Papers 111-130
Doodles, etc 131-140