Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 26, 2017-2018

Monday, March 12
Ch 16 Activity Workday

Tuesday, March 13 Orchestra Out
Lewis & Clark Video, Sacagawea worksheet

Wed/Thurs March 14-15 (CCR FIELD TRIP 3RD & 5TH)
Oregon Trail Notes, Oregon Trail Game

Friday, March 16 Assembly Schedule
Ch 16 Presentations

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 25, 2017-2018

Monday, March 5
Read Texas 15.4, (THE ALAMO)

Tuesday, March 6

Wed/Thurs March 7 & 8
(THE ALAMO) Ch 15 Questions due.

Friday, March 9 END OF TRIMESTER
Ch 16 Activity/Assignment

Monday, February 26, 2018

Week 24, 2017-2018

Monday, February 26
In Class: Chapter 14 Outline Andrew Jackson Song
Homework: Ch 14 Outline & Quiz on Friday.

Tuesday, February 27
In Class: Andrew Jackson: A Man for the People video and questions.
Homework: Ch 14 outline due Friday, open note quiz.

Wednesday, Feb 28/ Thurs, March 1 (BLOCK)
In Class: Manifest Destiny-picture, Louisiana Purchase, Ch 15 ISN
Homework: Ch 14 Outline--Friday

Friday, March 2
In Class: Quiz--Ch 14--Open outline, Lewis and Clark video.
Homework: Ch 15 ISN due Mon 3/12.

 Outline Template for Ch 14

Chapter 14: Andrew Jackson and the Growth of American Democracy

I.               14.1 Introduction: What is the main idea of the chapter?

II.  14.2 The Inauguration of Andrew Jackson  (Write at least 2 important things from this section).
III.           14.3 From the Frontier to the White House
A.     The Frontier Lawyer
B.     The People’s Choice

IV.            14.4 Jackson’s Approach to Governing
A.     The Kitchen Cabinet
B.     The Spoils System

V.              14.5 The Nullification Crisis
(Write at least 2 important things from this section)

VI.            14.6 Jackson Battle the Bank of the United States
(Write at least 2 important things from this section)

VII.          14.7 Jackson’s Indian Policy
A.     The Indian Removal Act
B.     The Trail of Tears
VIII.        Chapter Summary
Ÿ Summarize the chapter in a paragraph

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 23, 2017-2018

Image result for war of 1812
Monday, February 12
In Class: Washington Farewell, John Adams,Ch 11 ISN Workday
Homework: Ch 11 ISN due Friday.

Tuesday, February 13
In Class: Notes--Ch 11, Election of 1800, Ch 12 Outline
Homework: Ch 11 ISN due Friday

Wed/Thursday Feb 14-15
In Class: Ch 12 Outline, WAR OF 1812 video & questions
Homework: Ch 11 ISN AND Ch 12 Outline due Friday

Friday, February 16
In Class: War of 1812 video & questions
Homework: None

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 22, 2017-2018

Image result for hamilton vs jefferson

Monday, February 5
In Class: Review Day for Constitution Test
Homework: Open notebook test tomorrow. Ch 8-10

Tuesday, February 6
In Class: Test--Day 1 (Open Notebook)
Homework: Test tomorrow if needed (3X5) card only--no notebook.

Wed/Thursday Feb 7-8
In Class: Test--Day 2 NO notebook 1 3"X5" card only (30 minutes); Chapter 11 Intro & ISN
Homework: None

Friday, February 9
In Class: Hamilton Vs Jefferson Ch 11 ISN
Homework: None

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week 21, 2017-2018

Monday, January 29
How a bill becomes a law, Political Spectrum, People in government

Tuesday, January 30
Key people, Bill of Rights, Quack 1st Amendment

Wed/Thursday Jan 31, Feb 1
Quack 4th & 5th Amendments, Ch 10 handout

Friday, February 2
Court Cases NJ vs TLO, Tinker v. Des Moines, Study Sheet


MAKE SURE Ch 9 ISN pages are done and the Ch 10 handout is complete.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 20, 2017-2018

Image result for constitution

Monday, January 22
In Class: Chapter 9 Reading Notes & Constitution Question
Homework: None
Tuesday, January 23
In Class: Chapter 9 Reading Notes & Constitution Questions
Homework: None

Wed/Thursday, January 24-25
In Class: Notes--Constitution, Political Spectrum
Homework: Ch 9 Reading Notes due next Friday February 2

Friday, January 26
In Class: Constitution Notes--How a Bill Becomes a Law
Homework: Ch 9 Reading Notes due next Friday February 2