Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week 19, 2017-2018

Monday, January 15
No School--MLK Day

Tuesday, January 16
In Class: Notes: Constitutional Convention
Homework: Vocabulary, Ch 8 ISN checked on Friday

Wed/Thursday, January 17-18
In Class: Notes: Constitutional Convention, Preamble Project
Homework: Vocabulary, Ch 8 ISN due start of period; Preamble Project
due tomorrow end of period
Friday, January 19
In Class: Check Vocab and Ch 8 ISN, Preamble Project, Liberty’s Kids
Homework: None 

Journals 1-32
Current Events 33-46
Vocabulary 47-52
Notes/Assignments/Handouts 53-110
Outlines 111-131
Miscellaneous 131-140

Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 18, 2017-2018

Monday, January 8
In Class: Vocabulary TDI chart
Homework: Vocabulary due Friday 1/19

Tuesday, January 9
In Class: Features of the Articles of Confederation--Activity, Vocab workday
Homework: Vocabulary due Friday 1/19

Wed/Thursday, January 10-11
In Class: Chapter 8 ISN Workday, Vocabulary & Chapter 8 ISN
Homework: Vocab & Ch 8 ISN pages due Friday 1/19.

Friday, January 12
Notebook Set up, Workday vocab and Ch 8 ISN
Homework: Vocab & Ch 8 ISN pages due next Friday 1/19.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 16, 2017-2018

Monday, December 11
In Class: Study/review day 
Homework: Open notebook/Open book TCI multiple Choice test tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 12
In Class: Open notebook/Open book TCI multiple Choice test tomorrow
Homework: Open notebook fill in the blank test tomorrow/Thursday.

Wednesday/Thursday December 13/14 (BLOCK)
In Class:  Open Notebook--fill in the blank test.
Homework: None.

Friday, December 15
In Class:  Test review/Wrap Up, The Man Who Wouldn't Be King.
Homework: None

Monday, December 4, 2017

Week 15, 2017-2018

Monday 12/4
War in the South notes,  Liberty’s Kids-Conflict in the South

Tuesday 12/5
Notes, Deborah Samson--Liberty's Kids, Workday chapter 7 handout

Wed/Thursday 12/6-12/7
James Armistead, Yorktown, End of the War READ rest of 7.7, Review worksheet

Friday 12/8
Review Day-America Story of US Story of Us video

Test next Tuesday and Wed/Thurs.

The test will be open notes and cover chapter 5-7.  If you have band, orchestra or choir, please plan ahead for studying--you were notified of the test dates last Monday, November 27

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Week 14, 2017-2018

Monday 11/27
Notes—Saratoga Liberty’s Kids (Read 7.6)

Tuesday 11/28
Notes: Valley Forge, Battle of Monmout

Wed/Thursday 11/29-11/30
Notes: John Paul Jones, Ch 7 Handout/Questions

Friday 12/1
Notes: Bendict Arnold

Test Info

Revolutionary War Test part 1 will be on Tuesday, December 12.  It will be an open note and open book multiple choice TCI test covering chapters 5-7.

Part 2 will be Wednesday/Thursday, December 13/14.  It will be an open notebook fill in the blank type test covering chapters 5-7 and our class notes.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 13, 2017-2018

Monday 11/13
In Class: Battle of New York, 
Homework: Notebook check tomorrow, Ch 6 ISN due.

Tuesday 11/14
In Class: Peer Notebook Check, Notes--Battle of Long Island (Hamilton—Right Hand Man)
Homework: None.

Wed/Thursday 11/15-11/16
In Class: READ 7.4 & 7.5, The Crossing--video and questions
Homework: None

Friday 11/17
In Class: The Crossing--video and questions
Homework: None

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week 12, 2017-2018

Monday 11/6
In Class: Ch 6 ISN
Homework: Make sure "Common Sense" and excerpts from the Declaration of Independence are in your notebook.

Tuesday 11/7
In Class: Ch 6 ISN, One Life to Lose—Liberty’s Kids
Homework: Ch 6 ISN due next Tuesday 11/14

Wed/Thursday 11/8-11/9
In Class: Arlington—Field of Honor video and questions.
Homework: Ch 6 ISN due next Tuesday 11/14

Friday 11/10

No School--Veteran's Day Observed

 Declaration of Independence Answers

1. When one group of people is going to break away from a country to form its own nation, then they should explain why they are doing it.

2. Individuals have some basic rights that are obvious and that should not be taken away.  Freedom for example is one of those rights.

3. Governments are formed to make sure people’s rights are protected.  Government power should come from the people.

4. When a government is taking away the rights of citizens and is not doing what the people want, then the citizens have the right to change or replace the government.
5. England has repeatedly interfered with colonists’ rights.  In doing so, it has unfairly ruled over the American colonies.

6. Here is proof that England has interfered with colonial rights: the King has not allowed laws that help the colonists the most.

7. Every time we colonists felt we were being treated unfairly, we wrote the King.  He answered by treating us more unfairly.  A ruler who abuses his power should not be able to rule us.

8. We now consider ourselves to be an independent country.